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Kids aged five and under are not always easy to entertain and educate because of their undeveloped coognitive skills. However when it comes to entertaining and educating the kids at a child care centre or kindergarten in Melbourne, there are a heap of good alternatives. Bringing in reptiles as part of a wildlife show or display is always a hit as almost all kids love animals, creepy crawlies and little critters, as well as big ones like dinosaurs. While it may not be possible to bring dinosaurs in for the kinder, it is possible to have a mobile wildlife show with everything required to give the children an entertaining occasion. While a large number of companies service this market, only one displayer does hands-on shows where the kids can hold the animals, rather than just getting close. The snake man Raymond Hoser and his team of experts travel to all parts of Victoria doing wildlife education and because they are always in high demand it pays to book them as soon as you can. Parents are often encouraged to come along as adults can also learn as well from experts with the animals and often get to see animals they may have never seen before. All the reptiles and other animals brought in for the wildlife show part are safe to handle and non-venomous. Even if well-known venomous serpents and brought in for a show and tell, they should by law have been surgically devenomized, the technical term being venomoid. This is in order to remove any kind of risk from the kids. Only the Ray Hoser and his team have the expertise to have such snakes.
However they are better than anything else when it comes to trying to educate the kids about snakes, snake safety, reptile awareness and all they need to know about keeping away from dangerous snakes, while at the same time enjoying the benefits of handling tame, non venomous species. Kids get the message that even potentially dangerous animals need to be treated with care and respect, as opposed to the on-screen brutality seen in a lot of so-called cdocumentaries on TV.
A travelling wildlife show will as a rule bring creatures like baby crocodiles, frogs and lizards in order to round off the educational experience. This means that the reptile shows can be a useful add-on for an end of year celebration, christmas party, team building exercise or other special occasion, such as father's day or mothers day.
Cost per kid is small and because the show comes to the venue of your choice, usually being your own venue, you do not have to worry about the extra charges of engaging a bus company or other transport for the kids and anyone else who may attend.The idea that that was invented by Australian herpetologist Ray Hoser in the 1970s was lampooned at the time as completely crazy and this was done in a time when the only good reptile was regarded as a dead on.
But since then Hoser has built up a successful business doing reptile parties and snake shows in Victoria.
The concept of an educational party shows for kinders, school incursions and the like has since been copied by people all over the globe, even though its most humble start was in Melbourne a Australia all those decades ago. In all big cities nowadays and most large regional towns as well, you will find someone, somewhere with some kind of business enterprise, somewhere advertising their mobile reptile or wildloife display to give people their own close encounter with wildlife.
They will give you or your kids the ultimate reptile party show display, kinder or school incursion of similar.
The reptile show and snake party idea is of a trained handler or zoologist delibering snakes, lizards and crocodiles to a venue and letting the children hold the animals and learn about them at the same time.
While this is the original Hoser concept, for reasons not entirely clear, nobody else in Australia do their copy-cat displays with wildlife in exactly the same way.
Alternatives to the Ray Hoser display are kids events that are in the form of a much less exciting show and tell or so-called interactive show, where the only interaction is between the displayer and the kids, but not the animals. In a few rare cases the kids are allowed to briefly touch or pat the reptiles. Other less experienced companies do boring static displays, these being a number of animals, although invariably mainly reptiles, in glass fronted containers brought to your home or venue. The mobile zoo display is commonly cruel to the animals as kids invariably bang on the glass to scare the animals and get a reaction. It also explains why most of the time the caged animal is hiding in the farthest corner of the cage.
These less experienced imitators claim that letting wildlife or other animals being held at childrens parties is dangerous and should never be done. The claims used to back the idea are ridiculous and sometimes nothing more than pure fantasy.
Hoser does not agree with this and backs his view with an unmatched perfect safety record spanning more than 32 years in the wildlife education space.
The Australian snake man and his kinder show in Melbourne, can be found by phoning: 03 98123322.
By the way, make sure that your cameras are fully charged and ready for the big dayl!
Have a fully charged mobile phone as an essential back-up and also try to get others at the event to do the same. After all you may never have so many good photo opportunities again!